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Long Range Plan 2010-2013

North East Wisconsin Intertype Libraries, NEWIL, services Brown, Door, Florence, Kewaunee, Marinette, Menominee, Oconto and Shawano counties. It is a multitype library organization in the northeastern portion of the state of Wisconsin. Founded in 1967 to develop and share information sources in Northeast Wisconsin, NEWIL represents academic, public, school and special libraries. A Board of Directors meets bimonthly and governs NEWIL. The General Membership meets at the end of each year.

The purpose of NEWIL is to promote and implement programs of cooperation among and communication between all types of libraries and other information sources in Northeast Wisconsin in order to:

Assure the most effective and economical use of the resources and services in the area.

Facilitate the improvement of the existing library service activities.

Provide a foundation for discovering new areas of cooperation and initiating new services and joint programs as desired.


Goals & Suggested Activities

What follows are NEWIL's goals and suggested activities for the years 2010-2013 arranged under major service categories. In this planning process, goals describe the result or the outcome that the organization is trying to achieve. Suggested activities are ways in which progress toward those goals will be achieved.


GOAL A. To provide educational opportunities.

Promote use of the scholarship fund for library conferences like WLA, WEMA, ALA or continuing education conferences that are held in WI or out of state.

Provide professional learning opportunities in areas of library service (for example: cataloging, reference, technology, etc.).

Provide speakers and workshops for NEWIL members.


GOAL B. To facilitate communication and professional networking.

Create opportunities to encourage people to actively participate in NEWIL.

Continue to provide opportunities for librarians to communicate and network.

Hold regular NEWIL meetings and professional gathering opportunities and workshops.

Maintain a NEWIL website that includes area library/email address information.

Provide a regular communication method to share information regarding what NEWIL and its members are doing through e-mail, brochures, and an electronic discussion group.

Maintain regular Board meetings.

Provide information on what other libraries in the state are doing by providing pertinent email and discussion group addresses on the NEWIL website.


GOAL C. To continue enhancing the sharing of resources among all types of libraries.

Provide direct Interlibrary loan of materials in all NEWIL member libraries.

Provide the paper and electronic Courtesy card to enable use of member libraries.

Provide for the payment of net-lenders.

Continue to share resources.

Investigate other types of sharing in addition to interlibrary loan.


Revised August 3, 2010