Courtesy Card

This is a single purpose card to be used once. It admits your user to another NEWIL member to use and/or check out materials owned there.

It may be used for specific referrals only and not to give your users general access to another NEWIL library.

Any NEWIL Library can issue a courtesy card to admit a user to another NEWIL library when inter-library loan is not feasible because:

  • A user needs the material immediately;
  • The material needed is reference only in the library that owns it;
  • Another NEWIL library has a lot of material on the subject.

Library staff should explain to the user the use of the courtesy card and that the privileges it grants are set by the library to which the referral is being made.

Libraries must understand that they assume financial responsibility for any material lost or damaged by users to whom courtesy cards are issued. Librarians should also stress the importance of returning materials to libraries on time.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will accept NEWIL courtesy card forms. However, if persons from the community would like to check out materials more than once, staff at UW-Green Bay library will issue a community card to Northeastern Wisconsin residents when they provide identification.

IF a user presents a NEWIL Courtesy Card to use your library: Tell the user what privileges he/she has in your library. Collect the card when materials are checked out or at the time of the user's last visit to your library.

When given a NEWIL Courtesy Card, the users should:

  • Show the courtesy card to the reference librarian at the visited library.
  • Use the library before the expiration date on the courtesy card. Understand that the courtesy card will be collected, regardless of expiration date, if it is used to check out materials.
  • Turn in the courtesy card to the reference librarian at the time of last visit to the library even if no materials were checked out.

Fill out the NEWIL Courtesy Card as described below:

  • Borrower's Signature: The person borrowing materials should read the few lines stating that he/she is responsible for all materials borrowed/including replacement costs.
  • Date Card Expires: Select a date that will give the user time to use the library.
  • Subject or Materials requested: Please list the specific title or subject the user needs. Be more specific than just "Material on..."

Please Note:

  • If overdue notices must be sent to patrons from your library, a copy of the overdue notice will also be sent to the referring library. This will be done with the expectation that the referring library will assist in retrieving materials. To reiterate: Any materials lost or damaged to users to whom courtesy cards are issued will be the financial responsibility of the referring library.

Visit the following link to obtain blank NEWIL Courtesy Cards.